Best Toys for Kids with ADHD/ADD [2023]

ADHD is a short form of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Beautiful kids with ADHD often struggle with impulse control, good focus, and good hand and eye coordination. However, like all other kids, kids with ADHD love to play so why not make their playtime great fun with the right toys? 

Toys are of many types, shapes, and colours. However, when our focus is kids with ADHD then the choice of the right toy can make a big difference. This is the reason behind our article on the best toys for kids with ADHD.

A good purchase of toys for kids with ADHD can be a very challenging task for parents or caretakers. We get that you always have to consider your child’s unique needs.

Therefore, we have spent days in research the best toys and made a list for you so that you can choose from them without any hassle. 

Factors to consider before choosing toys for kids with ADHD

Following are the factors that one should keep in mind before choosing the right toys for kids with ADHD:

  • You must always buy toys for the development of your child because if the physical and behavioural development don’t match for kids with ADHD then there is a high risk that they can injure themselves.
  • Make sure that the toys you are focusing on have no choking hazards.
  • It is always great to choose toys that help parents and kids play together so that parents can always have an idea about the strength and achievements of their kids.
  • Another great idea is to talk with your kid’s therapist before buying toys so that you can have multiple options that are perfect for your kid. 

Our focus was to choose special toys that not only educate the kids with ADHD but also help them focus more, and develop their motor skills. 

List of best toys for kids with ADHD

Here are the top recommendations:

Hand2mind sensory fidget tubes

toys for kids with ADHD
Source: Amazon


  • Four fidget tubes
  • Multicoloured
  • Plastic material
  • Two are silent

When it comes to glitters and spinning, no one can resist enjoying it. Kids with ADHD also enjoy these things. However, the only thing that matters is the slow spinning speed and glitters that slowly drifts.

When it comes to such precisions, nothing can beat the importance of Hand2mind sensory fidget tubes. These transparent tubes are so beautiful in the look that kids instantly want to hold them and play with them at first sight.

Also, the beautiful glitter in each tube slowly drifts and the shape of the tubes spins slowly from one end to another.

Isn’t it something really amazing for kids with ADHD? The best part is, kids, get new sensory experiences with each tube, and it is the best toy for their sensory integration. 

The size of these fidget tubes is eight inches long, which means that kids can play comfortably with them at home. However, when it comes to classrooms or gathering areas, it is better to avoid using these tubes.

Because some kids with ADHD love using them while at the same time, they can be distracting for other kids. Therefore, it’s better to use these tubes in the comfort of your own home. 


  • Good for sensory integration
  • Good for fine motor skills


  • The button is hard to press

Kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand for kids with ADHD issue
Source: Amazon


  • Brown colour
  • 2 pounds weight
  • Good for 3 to 8 years kids

Sand is such a natural thing that no one can resist touching due to its natural cool texture, and when we talk about kinetic sand that is safe to play with as well then what could be better than this?

Kids with ADHD love to touch toys and stuff that has mesmerizing texture yet it doesn’t stick to their hands because sticking can interrupt their calmness.

This kinetic sand is absolutely amazing when it comes to building castles and making sculptures as it is so soft to the touch, and it only sticks to itself.

The plus point for parents is that it is very easy to clean because it will not stick to the hands and even the clothes of your kids. 

If your kid with ADHD is overstimulated at some point, and in need of instant calmness then this kinetic sand can be a good stress reliever, which works instantly, and make your kid calm due to its squishy texture.

Also, some healthcare providers make sure that parents play with their kids with ADHD to enhance parent-kid bonding. If you are in this phase then go for this kinetic sand because as a parent, you will also love playing with it along with your kids. 


  • Sticks to itself and not you
  • Safe play with non-toxic sand


  • Only in brown colour

Microsoft studios Minecraft video game

video game for kids
Source: Amazon


  • Designed for Xbox 360
  • Video games for kids with ADHD
  • Crafting interface
  • 8-player multiplayer

Video gaming is no longer confined to a specific group of people now after the introduction of Microsoft studio’s Minecraft video game. This amazing game is available for Xbox and PC. You can also purchase it as an application.

If your keen focus is to make strong imaginations of your kid with ADHD then don’t think twice before buying this game. This video game will also help your kid with problem-solving skills by focusing on good brain development. 

The Microsoft studios Minecraft video game has a number of players that build with blocks and take part in multiple adventures in a world that is virtual but very close to real observations.

This video game is mostly recommended for your teenagers. However, many kids below the age of thirteen years also find it very fascinating, and interesting to play.

The only factor that you must focus on for a kid below thirteen years of age is that the game must not be connected to open chat groups.

It is best to disconnect the internet connection of the game so that you don’t have to worry about other distractions for your kid. 


  • Safe and fun game
  • Enhance problem-solving skills


  • The game can get boring at some points

Tangle twisty fidget toys

fidget for ADHD kids
Source: Amazon


  • Toxin free tasteless material
  • Real authentic tangles
  • Noise-free

You might have heard from many places that fidget toys are the best options for kids with ADHD. This statement is very true in our personal experience as well.

Kids who are facing ADHD or autism issues are having many problems when it comes to keeping their hands still while sitting down. It is the reason behind opting for a good fidget toy so that your kid can play with it while sitting down, and can calm himself in no time.

When it comes to fidget toy options, don’t hesitate to go for tangle twisty fidget toys. This toy comes in a bundle of five so that your child has multiple options in one pack.

In addition to this, these fidget toys come in bright colours, and all of the combinations available are very attractive to look at. 

These tangle twisty fidget toys are not only a comfort and enjoyment to play with but they are small enough to carry everywhere with you.

Therefore, the next time your child with ADHD is anxious and in need of releasing his nervous energy, don’t forget these tangle twisty fidget toys.

The only thing that you must consider is that these toys are not good for kids under three years of age.


  • Good for brain exercise
  • Easy to use


  • Not durable in some cases

Hedstrom hopper ball

Ball toy for kids suffering from ADHD
Source: Amazon


  • Good for age range 4-10
  • Multicolor available
  • Vinyl material

If you are worried about the sensory integration of your kid with ADHD then your stress is going to end with this vinyl Hedstrom hopper ball.

It has a big and sturdy handle that makes the grasp easy. It is a powerful toy that provides amazing sensory input while bouncing. 

Many times, children with ADHD react very oddly to multiple situations. In such cases, a good option is to let them hop.

However, many parents are worried about the side effects that a hopping child can have. Therefore, the best option is to get this Hedstrom hopper ball, which works amazingly on wooden surfaces and carpeted floors.

This ball is an amazing way to burn out the energy in kids, and let them sit peacefully. The best part is, the company makes different sizes of balls so that you can choose according to the height of your kid. 


  • Promotes gross motor skills
  • Promotes sensory integration


  • Tough for outdoor play


Parents always know the best about the weaknesses, strengths, and struggles of their kids with ADHD, and hence can choose the best toys from the toys that we have mentioned above. However, we have tried to explain every inch of the product so that it can be easy for our readers to choose. 

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