Best Magnetic Toys For Kids [2023] – Buying Guide

For providing a spark to the creativity and entertainment of your kids, why not give them some amazing magnetic toys? However, it is not at all an easy task to choose the best magnetic toys for kids because misuse of magnets can be harmful. 

In the article below, our keen focus is to choose a list of the best magnetic toys for kids that are worth your investment. Being parents, we all want our homes to be safe yet fun places for our kids.

It is the reason behind the need for magnetic toys because these toys have the power to keep your child engaged for hours, and can provide them with the facility to learn in a variety of ways.

Magnetic toys come in a variety of designs and sizes. Magnetic toys are best for enhancing the fine motor skills of kids. Our chosen magnetic toys help kids in building their amazing ideas in the most wonderful ways. 

Factors to consider before buying magnetic toys for kids

The following are the factors that one should keep in mind before buying magnetic toys for kids:

  • Every child is different. Therefore, it is best to keep your child’s temperament, habits, and behaviours in mind when you are going to buy a magnetic toy for them.
  • Keep in mind the safety factors of these toys. The appropriate age of kids is mentioned on the toy, and it is a good idea to keep an eye on it before buying because the age factor of toys is determined by the safety levels. 
  • If your kid is very small then it is a good choice to not buy small magnetic toys like letters and figures so that they cannot swallow. 

Our focus was to choose special magnetic toys for kids that help them with fine motor skills in the most amazing manner. 

List of Best Magnetic Toys for Kids

Here are the recommendations from our side:

Limmys magnetic building blocks

best magnetic toys for toddlers
Source: Amazon


  • 120 pieces in a set
  • Multicolour pieces
  • Team building skills and creative thinking

Choosing magnetic toys is definitely not an as easy task because there are many things that you must keep in mind.

Usually, you get some attractive magnetic toys but they have very loose connectivity between them so when your child makes some structure using them, they fell down.

As a result, your kid will get offended. Our main aim is to get magnetic toys that not only look attractive but also have good adhesion and connectivity.

Also, the toys must be non-toxic to avoid any mishaps. Limmys magnetic building blocks are definitely one of the best magnetic toys that you are searching for your kids.

Kids usually are very active and they want continuous change or new things in their surroundings.

For making sure that your kid is getting all the adventures and fun in the comfort of your own home, it is always better to invest in toys that can help them with their creativity.

These magnetic blocks are one of those toys. They are extremely attractive and lightweight blocks that are 120 in the count.

Your kids can make multiple 2D and 3D structures using these toys, and they surely will get satisfied by making new shapes every time. 


  • Light weight blocks
  • Compatible magnetic blocks 


  • Small size blocks

Lewo magnetic easel

effective toys for kids
Source: Amazon


  • 100 blocks
  • Comes with a dry-erase marker with an eraser and a three-piece chalk set
  • Wooden box

What if you are only in search of magnetic toys or blocks but forget to get some box or place where you can keep them, and then suddenly you will get to know that you have gotten an amazing box with the toys and that too is durable.

You will surely be very happy because kids usually make a huge mess while playing, and then the after-cleaning is always a headache for the parents.

Therefore, we have come across an amazing magnetic easel that comes with a high-quality and durable box with a wooden double-sided artboard. Isn’t it something that you must really account for? 

Lewo magnetic easel is not only an attractive piece of art but also has an amazing wooden artboard, which has white and black writing surfaces.

The white part of the board is magnetic and it is designed to solve the puzzles, which will be huge fun for kids. Also, it allows the kids to write with the eraser pen.

On the other hand, the black part of the board is a chalkboard and is non-magnetic. Kids can use chalk to write and draw on the black part of the board.

In addition to this, your kids will get animal-themed wooden pieces that have magnetic adhesion so that they can enjoy their playtime. 


  • The board can be erased and reused
  • Helps in hand-eye coordination


  • The board size can be small

Monilon Magnetic Sticks

high-quality magnetic set for kids
Source: Amazon


  • 160 pieces
  • Comes with 40 magnetic balls
  • Interactive play

Hand-eye coordination is necessary to function in kids and in adults as well. Many parents out there are worried for their precious children that lack this ability.

Parents are always in search of toys that are special yet fun so their kids can have good hand-eye coordination without going through any tough process.

We understand this concern of every parent, and therefore, we have chosen an amazing magnetic toy, which enhances hand-eye coordination in kids. 

Monilon magnetic sticks are the answer to all of your queries. These magnetic sticks total 160 in number, which means you will get 120 magnetic sticks along with 40 steel balls that are amazing for building structures and figures.

Most kids love alphabets and figures, and if they get a chance to construct those figures and alphabets themselves then the game will not only remain fun but will be a learning hub as well.

Also, the best part is that the magnetic sticks have different colors so that your child can enjoy playtime. In addition to this, your child can build structures of any size and shape without any hassle with Monilon magnetic sticks. You can prefer this magnetic toy set for kids suffering from autism.


  • Good for creativity
  • Eco-friendly material


  • Magnetic strength might be weak

4M Magnetic Tile Art

Magnetic tiles for kids
Source: Amazon


  • Multicolor
  • Rubber material
  • Good for ages 8 years and above

Fridge magnets are some mystery pieces in the house that almost every kid wants to touch and even wants to take out from the fridge door.

It is something that always annoys parents because these magnets usually hold some special place for the family.

We have come up with a solution so that your children will not only leave those magnets in their place.

But at the same time they will have the opportunity to build something that they love, and then place it on the door of your fridge, and enjoy the sight with you. Isn’t it something really amazing?

4M magnetic tile art is specified for kids that are 8 years and above. It is a tile kit, which is specifically designed for the precious fridge artwork from your kids.

The kit includes 12 tiles along with a paintbrush, a paint strip, rubber magnets, colored paint with the paint strip, and adhesive tape.

It means the kit has an all-in-one facility so you don’t have to worry to buy extra stuff with it to entertain your child. Also, it is best for kids who are looking for unique yet fun stuff for their crafting projects. 


  • Good for fridge art
  • Perfect for gift


  • Small tiles

Dowling Penny

magnetic currency toy
Source: Amazon


  • Multicolor
  • Small size
  • Rectangular shape

Playing with magnetic toys not only helps your kid learn in multiple ways but there is an additional thing that we usually don’t account for, and that is learning about magnetic force.

The kids at first when playing with magnetic toys, they understand that adhesiveness has something to do with the magnets. Later on, they will get an idea about the magnetic force by playing with the same toys.

For kids with age 8 years and above, our chosen Dowling magnetic pennies help in exploring magnetic force along with motion and stability. It means this toy is not only fun but a learning hub in it as well. 

If you are looking for some amazing magnetic toys that you can use to discuss multiple scientific concepts, and geometry with your kids then don’t think twice before buying the Dowling magnetic pennies.

Also, the kids can build gravity-defying sculptures using these pennies, and enjoy while learning. 


  • Good for kids learning
  • Good for sensory motion


  • Stainless steel material might not good for every kid


Magnetic toys are fun and learning if chosen wisely. We have enlisted the best magnetic toys for kids above, and from our list, it will be easier for you to find the best suitable magnetic toy by going through the mentioned details. 

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