5 Rainy Day Activities for 3 Years Old Kids to Do

When spring rolls around, the sun shines longer, all the flowers are out, and luckily, kids can finally get a chance to spend some time outside on their bikes, honing their motor skills on the playground, and chasing bubbles. 

But spring also brings a lot of unpredictable weather, leading to spending a lot of time inside, sometimes even for days at a time, waiting for the dreaded rain to go away.

When it rains, it can be very difficult for kids who want to play outside. Because they are bored, many become irritated, anxious, and angry. These activities for rainy days can be very helpful for you if you have faced these terrible situations. Select your favourite after looking through the list.

Sometimes a rainy day with kids or babies becomes boring and monotonous since you cannot go out to the park for a walk or do outdoor activities. 

And the same question comes to mind for all of us: what to do with the kids on a rainy day? But these days can be turned into special days full of fun. 

Don’t panic: Here we leave you some proposals for activities that you can do with your little ones so that a rainy day with kids does not become boring or an intensive session of television and video games. No more saying that because it’s raining you can’t leave the house and it’s going to be boring!

Activities at home with kids on rainy days

On the one hand, an option that instantly arises when thinking about games for rainy days is video games. However, since it is an alternative that not everyone has, we will leave it aside in this list. If it is within your reach, of course, it is an excellent possibility. In any case, consider that you should establish limits and times.

On the other hand, something similar happens with board games. They are very good for encouraging interaction and play among friends and family, but we could suggest alternatives that not everyone has at home. Then, as in the previous case, we will not include them.

Here are some suggestions for the little ones!


Surely, for the little ones who are about to get to know the world, it will be nice to choose some good books and dedicate ourselves to reading together, which is one of the most stimulating and creative activities for children, especially if started early. 

We can dedicate a small space to reading, on a carpet with cushions and without too many distractions around.

Or make ourselves comfortable with our child on the bed, let him handle the book, leaf through it, and start reading aloud, observing what effect it has.

Let’s remember that every moment is good to take advantage of reading as a tool for sharing and emotional contact.


After the great storm has passed, we could equip ourselves with rubber boots, to go in search of some puddles, small snails to track down and perhaps take home to observe, and then bring them back into the wild.

Every occasion can be used for good observation, to build positive memories that will surely remain in the hearts of kids. How can we forget the sound of the rain if someone helps the kid pay attention to it? The puddles, the leaves all wet?

All this, for Kids, will be a source of great interest! With kids aged 3 and up, then, it will be nice to learn to recognize body parts, and reconstruct the snail’s environment, in short, there is a world to discover!

Observation of nature is a fundamental process for a kid’s healthy growth. Learning to observe, look at the details, and touch the environment with your hand, is something that will form the kid’s sense of reality and his bond with the world. 

Let’s not forget to always give him this opportunity, in a highly digitized world it’s too easy, unfortunately, to forget about it.


Another very interesting activity is to apply a double-sided adhesive sheet to the glass of a French door, at a kid’s height, where he can have fun touching natural materials to attach and detach, with the freedom to stop and look out the window. 

You will see that this will be a great activity loved by the little ones, who will then go alone towards the window to propose it again! There are many variations, create your own according to the kid’s interest!

4-  Rainbow hunt

Among the games to play when it’s raining outside, there is the rainbow hunt. How to play?

Equipped with a container, go together with your children in search of natural materials in the colours of the rainbow. Once found, glue them together on cardboard strips covered with double-sided tape. It will not be so easy to find them, the time spent together with your little ones will be absolutely quality and stimulating.

5-  Inventing worlds

My favourite games are those where you invent environments, worlds, and people… where the game lies more in the preparation of the game itself. So, for example, with paper plates, aluminium cans, and milk cartons, you can invent space stations, robots, rockets, and star battles.

  • Or dollhouses, with simple empty boxes to cut out and decorate, glueing furniture taken from old magazines, curtains made from small scraps of fabric, and many recycled objects that are used to create the furniture.
  • And then the farms with animals, making the lawn with modelling clay, or with the paper of the crib, and then building stables, bales of hay, managers, horses, cows, and many other animals.
  • Or the fairy places, with magical forests, enchanted trees, tissue paper wings, and ponds with frogs and water lilies, made with felt, recycled plastic containers, and glitter.

And again the tracks of the toy cars or the train stations, with the traffic lights, the crossroads, the garages, the car washes, and the school buses that take the children to school, created with paper, cardboard, and even plasticine or even represented on a large play mat. 

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And of course entire villages, with houses, a municipal swimming pool, a library, a playground, a post office… everything needed to invent a perfect, happy town.

Now it’s up to you to decide which activity you like the most and with which you have the best time. If you can think of new activities to do on a rainy day with children, we encourage you to share them with us. 

Additionally, we invite you to share your memories with us. No more saying that because it’s raining you can’t leave the house and it’s going to be boring!

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