Amazing 6 Wall Decor Ideas to Liven Up the Space

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How does your wall décor look like? Does your wall décor look good? If it doesn’t yet, no need to panic. We can help you turn your ordinary wall décor into an extraordinary one. How? Well, just try our wall décor ideas below. We listed several ideas that can help you make your home more attractive with creative wall décor. Ready? Let’s begin.

1. Mirrors

First and foremost, mirrors. Mirrors are great wall décor. Mirrors not just reflect light and brighten the whole room, they also bring an air of openness. This is why mirrors are such a great option when it comes to decorating a small space. With mirrors, a small space will feel and look larger than it really is. Very neat, isn’t it?

2. Gallery Wall

It may sounds cliché but a gallery wall does work. A gallery wall adds color and personality to the space. There are many ways to make a gallery wall. For example, hanging family photography, paintings, wall hangings and so on.

3. Mural

Next is a mural. A mural in a room can never be ignored. If you want a surefire way to grab the attention of your guests, adding a mural on a wall is your best option. You can opt for a readymade mural wall covering or better yet, paint the mural yourself. Painting the mural yourself will certainly make it more personal, while a readymade mural wall covering is a more practical option.

4. Shelves

Yes, you can use shelves as well. Who says you are limited to the aesthetical aspect only? The fact is, you are not. You can also choose wall décor that is functional as well. Unlike the other wall décor ideas here, this one is more practical.
Shelves will fill the empty space on the wall. At the same time, they provide you with useful storage that you can use to store and/or showcase your favorite items.

5. Photography

Not just ordinary photography, though. What we are talking about here is an oversized, black and white photography. It can be a photo of yourself, your family or even your favorite idol. Such photography will certainly make the room look more appealing. You can highlight it further by adding lighting that shines on it. That will turn the photography into the focal point of the room.

6. Chalkboard

Lastly, chalkboard. A chalkboard is excellent wall décor. How could it not? It is basically a customizable wall décor. You can change what is on the chalkboard, be it your favorite quotes or cute drawings, whenever you want and place it wherever you want.
Want to make it more appealing? Consider a green chalkboard. A green chalkboard doesn’t look ordinary like a black chalkboard. It also gives off a vintage vibe, too.
That’s all. What do you think about our wall décor ideas above? Look amazing, don’t they? Filling the empty walls with wall décor is certainly a good idea. It makes the room looks far more attractive and not boring. So if your walls are mostly empty, try to add some wall décor to them.

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