5 Green Planters Ideas to Make Your House Fresher

Image Source: decorits.com
Image Source: decorits.com

Planting on planters gives you a lot of advantages. For example, there is no weed that will disturb your plants, the greeneries are portable, and they can be space-efficient. Are you looking for some green planters ideas to try? Well, if you do, just read on. We have some ideas prepared just to help you make your house fresher with greeneries.

  1. Vertical Planters

When you use planters to contain your plants, that doesn’t mean you have to place the planters in a horizontal way. You can do it vertically true. This is particularly useful if you have limited space. Vertical planters will enable you to plan lots of plants while not eating too much space available. It is a safe-efficient and creative idea.

  1. A Birdhouse

Does a pot look too ordinary for you? If the answer is yes, here is a creative idea just for you: use a birdhouse instead. You can use an empty birdhouse or one that is inhabited. Either way, a birdhouse green planter looks unique. If the house is inhabited, plant in a way that the plant is occupying the roof of the house.

  1. A Pallet Board with Clay Pots

Next in our green planters ideas list is to use clay pots and attach them to a pallet board. Attaching pots on a pallet board not only highlight the pots and make them more visually attractive, but also make them easily manageable. You can, for example, use a certain pallet board for pots with the same type of plants.

  1. Plants in Pockets

Are pots your only choice? The answer is no. Other containers can work as well. For example, rather than going with pots, you can go for containers that look like pockets. Then, attach these pockets on a board and voila! You got plants in pockets.

  1. Side by Side

Placing pots in a single spot is very common. Placing them side by side in a parallel line, on the other hand, is unusual. So if you want to do something unusual with your green planters, try placing them in a parallel line. It will look as if the green planters are creating a “passageway” that leads to a certain direction.

If you have a garden, use this “passageway” to connect the house and the garden. You can turn it into a focal point too if you want.

  1. Mix and Match

When you use green planters, there is no limit on how creative you can be. That’s right. You don’t have to stick to just one kind of plant or just one shape of a pot. For a more appealing look, you can mix and match the plants and the pots.

For example, you can plant different herbs on pots of various shapes and sizes. Mixing and matching the pots and plants will give you an extraordinary look, regardless of where you place the green planters.

The above are our green planters ideas. Of course, the above are not the only things you can do. There are still a lot more. We hope our ideas above can inspire and help you to get started. Happy gardening

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