10 Delicious and Fun Picnic Food Ideas for Kids

The warm season makes you want to have lunch in the open air, in the park, by the sea, in the mountains. Children like the idea very much. Here’s how to organize a picnic and the essential accessories.

The picnic is that ‘extraordinary’ event for which all children go crazy, whether it’s eating in the gardens under the house, or carrying supplies for miles and reaching the most exotic and unexplored mountain plateau.

It is the mothers, who usually prepare and transport the provisions, as well as manage the away troops and collect the remains, who are usually less enthusiastic about the initiative. Here are some suggestions for a great picnic.

How to plan a perfect picnic with the kids

When the weekend and the beautiful days arrive, being outdoors is a pleasure. In this post, I share with you some tips on how to organize a perfect picnic with the kids. 

For those who live in a big city, carving out moments of escape from the smog and crowds to rediscover contact with nature is essential, and organizing a picnic can be an excellent solution for spending time with the family and having fun, replenishing relaxation and vitamin D.

Here are some inspirations and useful tips on how to organize a perfect picnic with children (also valid as a couple or with friends).

How to organize a picnic with children

Organizing a picnic: what to bring

To organize a perfect picnic, the organization is essential and, especially if there are children, nothing can be left to improvisation. 

Of course, the spirit of adaptation is essential but in order for the day to be pleasant and appreciated by everyone, it is important to manage times and needs in advance in order to live it with serenity. 

Therefore, among the fundamental points of how to organize a picnic with children, we must consider what to bring with us, reducing everything to the essentials without giving up what can really be used. 

Here is a short but complete list (or rather two) of what must never be missing on a picnic with the children.

To eat outdoors:

  • bag with lunch
  • oilcloth
  • paper towels
  • disposable dishes
  • airtight containers
  • wooden cutting board
  • essential cutlery
  • garbage bags
  • mosquito spray

To entertain the children:

  • balls and cars
  • creative materials
  • books to browse
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • card games
  • table games
  • Sheets and markers.

6 recipes to go on a picnic with kids

Are you going on a picnic with the kids and don’t know what to prepare to eat? We share simple and nutritious recipes, to ensure a good supply of energy.

Going on a picnic can be quite an adventure. Of course, it is important to plan the diet correctly if you want to get everything to go as planned. For this reason, we will teach you a series of simple and nutritious recipes to go on a picnic with children.

Although the preparations are simple, we must ensure that they are complete. That is, they provide an adequate supply of nutrients. It is best to prepare dishes that keep well at room temperature or with minimal cold conditions, such as in a cooler bag. In this way, we will avoid food poisoning.

Do you already have a pencil and paper to write down these recipes? So, get to work!

1-   Wrap with chicken and lamb lettuce

Wraps are one of the best options to eat at a picnic, not only for their comfort but also for their simple preparation. 

You just have to sauté a chicken breast with some mixed vegetables (peppers, onion, and zucchini) and place everything inside a fajita. To give it a crunchy touch, you can cover it with lamb’s lettuce.

High biological value proteins are present in this recipe that are necessary for maintaining healthy muscles.

This is evidenced by a research article published in the Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism. Keep in mind that in the situation of growing children, the basal demands of these nutrients are doubled.

2-   Sandwich with healthy ingredients

A sandwich does not have to be synonymous with fast food. It is possible to choose quality bread and introduce fresh food into it. An alternative suitable for the picnic is the one with sourdough bread that has a lot of crumbs.

Inside you can place a grilled chicken breast, some sliced ​​tomatoes, some onion rings, and a little lettuce. You can also add some slices of cheese on top of the warm meat and let it melt.

In this way, you will obtain a preparation with high nutritional density. In addition to the protein in the chicken, this snack has a significant amount of fibre, a key substance in preventing constipation.

3-   A timeless classic, the omelette with vegetables

The omelette really tastes like spring, which is prepared in advance and kept very well in the fridge bag. 

How to prepare it? With the ingredients you prefer or that you have in the pantry: from vegetables to cubes of cooked ham to cheese that melts and becomes creamy during cooking. 

If your children love eggs, you can also offer them hard-boiled, already cooked and peeled, very quick to eat directly with your hands, possibly also choosing quail ones, which are smaller and more particular.

4-   Cold cuts and cheeses

Selecting less fat ingredients, perfect for children, such as baked turkey or ricotta cheese, also bring cold cuts and cheeses with you that the little ones can enjoy together with Vitavigor’s crunchy Disney breadsticks.

You can choose between wholemeal Vitasticks, rich in flavour and fibres, or the Pizza or Parmigiano Reggiano flavoured Mini Vitasticks in the practical multipack format with 6 sachets and 1 cute Disney tattoo!

5- Sweets and snacks can’t be missed!

Cookies, cakes or, even better, a good fruit salad to end the meal cannot be missing! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are very handy to take with you on trips in the cereal versions with cocoa coating or red fruits covered with yoghurt. 

In each package, you will also find a surprise of Spider-Man or Disney Frozen to enjoy after the picnic!

6- Prepare healthy dishes for a picnic

As you have seen, going on a picnic does not mean having to eat poorly. It is possible to prepare a healthy and at the same time simple menu, which is easily transported and kept well in a cooler bag or at room temperature.

In this way, you and your family can discover new places without losing sight of an optimal supply of nutrients.

What to bring: essential accessories

The accessories

In the classic tripper’s basket, the red and white checkered cotton tablecloth (few and rare variations are allowed) cannot be missing, to be spread on the lawn and on which to accumulate food.

Paper plates, cups and napkins, and cutlery, only if strictly necessary, also because children tend to eat everything in hand and, possibly, on the go.

The thermal bag to keep drinks cool can be left at home, by those in charge of carrying it on their backs, only if near the bivouac there is a stream with icy waters or if the place chosen for lunch is near a wet and dark forest.

Also useful is a multifunction knife, a thermos for coffee, and a plaid to lie down on.

It is understood that what, foreign, arrives on the lawn must come back and that therefore a large rubbish bag in which to collect all the remains and waste is an indispensable element for a successful trip.

Games in the open air.

For kids, a picnic becomes an opportunity to have fun in the open air and get some exercise. What games can you offer him? If they are already big kids they can play hide and seek or flag or somersault on the grass. Tug of war is also timeless.

For the little ones, on the other hand, guided games can be thought of to discover the colours and shapes of nature. Or you can imitate animal noises and sing lots of songs.

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